White White Vintage Picture Frame - A6 Square

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  • 2150161W

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      Rahmenmaß (F): 23 x 23 cm
      Bildmaß (P): 10 x 10 cm
      Lichtmaß (C): 8 x 8 cm

      Bilderrahmen und Spiegel in den Formaten A2 und größer werden auf Anfrage gefertigt. Gelegentlich haben wir Bestände in Berlin, also bitte sprechen Sie uns an, falls die Bestellung eilt.

      Hinweis: Der hier abgebildete Rahmen ist ein Beispiel. Sie erhalten einen Luna Rahmen in weiss in diesem Format, das Finish kann jedoch abweichen.

All Luna Designs frames and mirrors are made purely out of old reclaimed wood from Cape Town... more
Product information "White White Vintage Picture Frame - A6 Square"

All Luna Designs frames and mirrors are made purely out of old reclaimed wood from Cape Town and its surroundings.

The unwanted wood is collected, left to dry for up to 2 years at the Luna Farm north of the city, where all old nails and screws are removed. It is then sent back to Cape Town where colours and types of wood are chosen to put together the final product.
All Luna Designs frames are fitted with 3mm glass, making the frame a little heavier, but giving it a lot more stability during transport, thereby reducing the risk of breakage. The mirror frames are equally made using 3mm glass.
All Luna frames are delivered with one of a large range of black and white pictures.

Please note: Due to each frame being unique we can only consider special wishes regarding finish to a certain extent. Colours such as white, off-white and creme are rather common and can be easily be accommodated. You are also most welcome to select your individual frames personally in our showroom in Berlin. Please make an appointment !

Please bare in mind that all picture frames and mirrors from size A1 upwards can only be sent on an A1 pallet or in a crate.

*Due to the frames being hand crafted, it can occur that the indicated measurements differ by a few millimetres.