Ostrich eggshell mosaic reclaimed wood frame

Ostrich eggshell mosaic reclaimed wood frame
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Ostrich eggshell mosaic reclaimed wood frame

Our distressed wood picture frames are made entirely out of reclaimed rustic timber and distressed wood collected in and around Cape Town.

The timber used for this picture frame is then left to dry for up to 2 years on our farm north of Cape Town. Thereafter we remove all old nails and screws from the strips of timber. Once cleaned, the wood is sent back to Cape Town where colours and types of wood are chosen to put together these picture frames A4 ostrich eggshell mosaic.

This Luna Designs distressed wooden frame is fitted with 3mm glass, making the frame a little heavier, but giving it a lot more stability during transport, thereby reducing the risk of breakage.

All our reclaimed wooden photo frames are supplied with one of a large range of black and white images.

The term ostrich eggshell mosaic refers to the small pieces of ostrich eggshell in the frame.

* Due to the frames being hand crafted, it can occur that the indicated measurements vary by a few millimetres from picture frame to picture frame.